FerroSilicon Ball For Steelmaking With Good Price Supply silicon carbide wear-resistant Silicon Briquette deoxidizer

Silicon carbide ball deoxidizer is a novel high-performance composite deoxidizer, which can replace the more expensive traditional deoxidizer ferrosilicon powder and alloy powder. It has the advantages of rapid deoxidation, early slag formation, thick reducing atmosphere and rich foam, etc. It can also effectively improve the recovery rate of elements, and also has a carburizing effect, which can replace part of the recarburizer and reduce the cost of steelmaking. Using silicon carbide as a deoxidizer for steelmaking can stabilize the quality of molten steel, refine grains, and remove harmful impurities in molten steel. During the use of traditional silicon carbide, the dust is large, the density is low, and it is not easy to sink. Our company processes the silicon carbide powder into a 30-50mm spherical shape, which has the advantages of high recovery rate, small dust, convenient use and low price.

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Ferrosilicon balls can effectively increase the fluidity of molten iron, effectively discharge slag, and improve the toughness and cutting ability of pig iron and castings. Ferrosilicon balls are silicon and iron. Through technological processing, collecting and pressing into the by-products of ferrosilicon alloy production, the appearance of ferrosilicon balls reduces the cost of steelmaking, and the speed of deoxidation is also improved. Ferrosilicon balls can quickly adjust the steel Iron trace elements in water, this is because of the internal silicon and iron C elements, the corresponding ferrosilicon is put into molten steel according to requirements, when the temperature reaches the dissolution standard, silicon and oxygen in molten steel react to form silicon dioxide , so that the oxides in the molten steel float on the surface of the molten steel and can be easily screened out, thereby effectively improving the purity of the molten steel and improving the quality of the molten steel. Ferrosilicon balls have the characteristics of convenient storage and good effect. Adding ferrosilicon to cast iron can be used as an inoculant for nodular cast iron, and can prevent the formation of carbides, promote the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite, and improve the performance of cast iron.


Advantages of ferrosilicon balls

Silicon Briquette is a good substitute for FeSi in steel making, which has advantage in lowing the costs of production and reusing resources. This product is the new product we developed and mainly repressed bu silicon metal powder. Now, there are far and wide market in domestic and South Korea.
Our products are customer-oriented with different granularity and different chemical composition according to requirement, such as silicon metal powder, FeSi powder,the nodulizer, the ferrosilicon inoculant,and so on.

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