Electrolytic Metal manganese flakes refers to the elemental metal obtained by acid leaching of manganese ore to obtain manganese salts, which are then sent to an electrolytic cell for electroanalysis. The appearance is like iron, in an irregular flakes shape, with a hard and brittle texture. One side is bright, and the other side is rough, ranging from silver white to brown. After processing into powder, it appears silver gray; Easy to oxidize in the air, it dissolves and displaces hydrogen when encountering dilute acids. At slightly above room temperature, it can decompose water and release hydrogen gas. The purity of electrolytic manganese in the application field is very high, and its function is to increase the hardness of composite metal materials. The most widely used alloys include manganese copper alloy, manganese aluminum alloy, and 200 series stainless steel. Manganese can improve the strength, toughness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance of these alloys. Manganese is an indispensable additive in the smelting industry. Electrolytic manganese is the main raw material for producing manganese trioxide after being processed into powder. The magnetic material components widely used in the electronic industry are produced using manganese trioxide. The electronic industry, metallurgical industry, and aerospace industry all require electrolytic metal

1、 Definition and characteristics of Metal manganese flakes

Metal manganese flakes refers to an alloy material added during the steel smelting process, mainly composed of manganese element. Its characteristics are high hardness, strong wear resistance, and good antioxidant performance. At the same time, Metal manganese flakess also have a certain sound-absorbing effect and can be used in fields such as automotive exhaust systems and generator sets.

2、 Application fields of Metal manganese flakes

1. Steel production: Metal manganese flakes is an important alloy material in steel smelting, which can improve the hardness and toughness of steel, reduce its melting point, and improve its wear and corrosion resistance.

2. Power industry: Metal manganese flakess can be used in the manufacturing of power transformers to enhance their insulation withstand voltage strength and heat resistance, and improve the stability and lifespan of electrical equipment.

3. Chemical metallurgy: Metal manganese flakess can also be used to produce high-purity chemical products such as manganese oxide and metallic manganese powder, which have extremely high market demand and economic value.

3、 Origin of Metal manganese flakes

There are many countries worldwide that produce Metal manganese flakes, including Brazil, South Africa, India, Russia, China, and others.


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