Calcium metal wire

Metal calcium wire is the raw material for making calcium solid wire. Diameter: 6.0-9.5mm Packaging: Approximately 2300 meters per plate. Tie the steel strip tightly, put it in a plastic bag filled with argon gas for protection, and wrap it in an iron drum. It can also be processed according to customer requirements.

Metal calcium cored wire has been widely used in the refining process of steel ladles. A linear material is formed by wrapping a powder like additive package (deoxidizer, desulfurizer, alloy) with a certain particle size in a continuous narrow steel strip, and winding it into a wire coil.

Metal calcium cored wire is mainly used for steelmaking, which can purify the morphology of steel inclusions, purify the molten steel, and partially change the properties and morphology of inclusions, improve the quality of molten steel, improve the casting state, improve the castability of molten steel, improve the performance of steel, and significantly increase the yield of alloys, reduce alloy consumption, and lower steelmaking costs.

Due to its advantages in adjusting and controlling the content of easily oxidizable elements and trace elements, it can significantly increase alloy yield, reduce smelting costs, shorten smelting time, and control composition.

Core wire technical specifications:

(1) Steel wire diameter: 13-13.5mm

(2) Thickness of steel: 0.4 mm 0.2mm

(3) Powder content: 225g/m 10g/m

(4) Powder/steel: 60/40.

(5) Wire length: 5000-5500m.

(6) Coil weight: 1000-1800kgs.

(7) Coil width: 600-800 mm

(8) Steel wire winding: horizontal

(9) Packaging: In a plastic covered steel cage

1. Vertical coils in steel cages on wooden (or steel) pallets, plastic shrink packaging, and labeling. Or according to customer requirements

2. The core wire is first packaged with steel strips for the finished product, then wrapped with waterproof plastic film and protected with steel cages, and then covered with outer packaging.


Post time: Jan-24-2024